Eargazm: An Internet Radio Station

For 15 years Eargazm was a Saturday night feature on WRIU-FM in Rhode Island.
In that time we attracted a discerning, loyal and rather diverse audience by playing a mix of all flavors of rock, scads of jazz, a bit of fusion, a teaspoon of folk and a dash of comedy.

Our goal at Eargazm is to showcase great music that gets neglected in the mainstream culture. We love all kinds of music, even popular music, but our job is to explore the boundaries and bring back the gems for our audience. There is so much great music, new and old, that’s ‘undiscovered’. We want to introduce (or re-introduce) that music to the world. Music is our hobby and our passion. We invite fellow music lovers to explore our site, read and comment on our blogs and listen to our music stream.

Every other Saturday night at 6 PM (EST) we livecast a new four-hour show. Often we choose a theme to make things interesting. We invite our audience to send in requests during the livecast to requests@eargazm.com. The new shows are then added to our stream’s library.

We are always broadcasting. Want to listen? Check out our MP3 or OGG streams.

We’ve also been added by Radio Garden: Eargazm@Radio Garden