The Masterpiece Nominations

I wasn’t sure I was going to write a music blog on this Eargazm site. I’m just the current tech guy and was never a DJ, or ever had a comprehensive knowledge about bands, their personnel and history.

But I know what I like. The music that I like the best is challenging and imaginative, clear and vibrant. And fun.

At it’s very best it is transformative, rearranging the preconceptions of what you like or about music itself.

The premise of my blog will be this:
My nominations for albums that are musical masterpieces. The nominations aren’t meant to be for any ultimate prize. And it won’t be a contest for which is best. Just my spotlight on music that I think has been masterfully created and often overlooked; music I think is near-genius and why I think so.

 Nomination 1

“Eskimo” by The Residents