Once upon a time, there was no Internet as we know it today.

Radio stations mostly played music, not insane political talk shows. College radio stations were the vanguards of new and interesting music, even as the rest of Music Radio became commodified and corporatized.

In those days, “DJs” sifted through new music releases and played the best of it for their listeners. The top DJs, the guys with discriminating ears and pitch-perfect taste, were heroes to the music lovers of the time.

It was in that era that Eargazm’s ‘founders’ arose.

Tom O., Bernie L. and Jay D. were college radio DJs who earned the gratitude and loyalty of their fans until they were ‘aged out’ of the college market (though it should be noted here that Jay continued as a college radio DJ until nearly the day he died).

Because they loved music and enjoyed weaving interesting and exciting shows, they decided to take their skills to the newly-born Internet when their days in the radio spotlight were over.

And so Eargazm began.